Painter, florist and sandcastle constructor

When I was young I want to be a painter and my parents bring me to draw, paint and ceramic lessons. They achieved to potency my art interest.

Also I liked, and still like, the vegetables garden and the flowers. I called these be a “florero” (vase for flowers). Surely my first architectures were the groove to conduct the water to water the tomatoes.

At summer time, in Torredembarra, I did not stop to build sandcastles. Maybe that's why my favourite book is A house in the sand from Pablo Neruda. The poet explains the experience of building his own house and fill it up with plenty of objects like little habitants. The whisper of the sea is heard in all its syllables.

Studying architecture

I was lucky to study in the Architecture School in Barcelona with great masters: Mr. Enric Miralles, in first grade. He used to use any idea that we had so as to make us to develop a project. Now I remember the forefront of the project we did in that year. The project was to design a square next to the Miro Foundation. He wrote: "this botanical garden has a xylophone." I had written the names of all Latin species of vegetation. A catwalk crossed the plaza. I will never forget his lectures about the section of the soup bowl and his croissant.

I was very impressed with Ramon Sanabria, who taught me not to be afraid of the blank sheet. And see how the proposals evolved and also to give importance to the construction process. Rosa Barba, in urban planning class, taught me the value of work. My brother helped me make thousands of dots to represent trees in urban plans which did not fit in the dining room table.

I remember with enthusiasm the Carlos Ferrater classes. We had to make architectural models that we fit in the shirt pocket. I did the project of the Spanish embassy in Berlin with whom I learned the essence value and the abstraction importance. I still keep the model of the building.

Paris among Japanese people

Studying at the University of La Sorbonne was a crucial personal and cultural experience. Studying History of Art and be immersed in the university sea, full of activities and experiences, was very enriching.

But, without any doubt, the most important in my Paris experience was living at the Japan House of the Cité Universitaire. I discovered the diversity of life forms and ways of thinking and acting. I learned that in vacuum there are more things in full, thanks to the imagination, very useful for architecture. I discovered that poetry, which had always been interested, has a new dimension in Japanese literature.

I still have good friends like Kyoko Watanabe, Jess Brouillard, Kerman Satha and Alberto Peñín with whom I exposed my Study Final project.


My entry into the world of education was sudden. But gradually it has become part of my profession. Elisava let me have contact with the students and forces me to keep myself in shape, in academic terms.

My relationship with the university is always related to the innovative materials and the design, especially to the design of domestic interior space, I direct a Master in Interior Space Design and the Postgraduate Private Perimeters.

Laura, Daniel and Rosalía

Some people say that is difficult to separate the professional and the personal life but for me seems impossible, especially when your profession is voluntarily invasive.

After living in an unbeatable family where the grandparents had a significant weight, I met Laura in Paris. I share with my wife's life, dreams and career. Daniel, our first child, gives us interrupted happiness. Rosalía, our second daughter, reconciles us to life and now fills us with happiness.