Using innovative materials on a shop stuffed with old and full of history items and paintings may look contradictive, but we really fancied this projectual game.

We took profit of this fenolic, nanotechnology, finger prints proof, soft, self-repairing material's advantages to propose a continuous coating on the walls. This coating held the shelves, hid the doors and camouflaged a security showcase. The black color choice for this coating answered the unifying necessity of all exposed items.

Some orange colored panels appear either hung on the walls or as a bulkhead doing the function of color breakers. They also work as small format picture holders and as shop window background, which were sorted out as a windows to the chaotic inner space of the shop.

A technical illumination system was used to strengthen this idea of discontinuity and chaos. This light had a very precise color reproduction as asked by the client, who "didn't want it to be an unfriendly art gallery".

Design processes often are useful to recognize which aspects of an existing space work just fine, as was the case of the "sisal" pavement.

This shop, located at the old town of Barcelona, almost looks like it had never even been refurbished, still keeps its original charisma and personality.