Parets del Vallès (2009)

We have places a habitable platform, on a site with a low slope. There we have placed the main spaces of the house, and is developed the functional program. In the basement we have the garage and in the upper floor for the studio and the game room.

This house is characterized for a compact and rigid volume. A strong gabled roof, and a terrace in the upper floor, where you can enjoy the views of the natural area called Gallecs. The studio enjoys the views because it is connected trough large windows.

In the main facade to the street it appears a cubic volume coated with a ceramic material with metal reflections. This material has different tonalities and brightness depending on how the sun shines. This box remembers the primitive construction that had to be demolished due to urban planning regulations.

The garden stems to move upwards, close to the garage ramp, it adapts topographically to the edges and is treated like a layer of grass and fruit trees.