Barcelona (2004)

The project was to developthe interior design of an apartment in Sant Boi, at the moment a first phase for the bathroom and the kitchen.

The customer was meticulous, detailed, restless, very interested indesign, so that we wanted to reflect the personality of the client in an accurate and well organized bathroom.A place full of details and relationships, where the lines forming the space are marked by wooden elements. The fitting of Danish design, the integrated shower and the glass screen for the shower try to be unnoticed.

The kitchen is presented as a string of spaces, appropriated from the old gallery space. We first found a storage area and then a work zone, full of practical shelves. Besides,there is a pantry and a wash area with high stores. There predominate the green shades and the lighting grey of the stainless steel.

We know they are happy and enjoy the spaces. We hope to do the second stage soon.