CASADECOR. Barcelona (2007)

This project was done with the students of the Postgraduate of the Interior Design, Private Perimeters. We did the interior design of an apartment to be shared, located in the Fabra and Coats Factory (Barcelona). The program of an apartment to be shared allows us to reflect the needs to share a flat as a viable alternative to living in the city. It was conceived as a dwelling where mobility, new habits and multiplicity allow living in the same space, adapting to the different individuals who use.

Our idea includes three heterogeneous people who have different jobs and lifestyles. An executive who only lives in the nights and eventually in the weekends, located in the cube next to the living room. A student who lives part-time, located in the intermediate zone. And finally a graphic designer who uses the house as a workspace, so it is located near the study area where can have a major privacy.

We proposed a space where the bedrooms are reduced as a room only dedicated to rest and dressing, so we spend more space in the common areas. We raise the bedrooms, creating a network of suspended receptacles. A richer internal urban space. The alternation of light and height changes, give the interior flexibility and dynamism.