Barcelona (2011)

CLIP, responds to the initials of the streets around the building where is located the flat. An historic listed building designed by architects Antoni Planas and Luis Duran Fisas in 1953.

A narrow flat, very compartmentalized and with light only at one end. It was a hard legacy for an apartment that will be occupied by a young couple which begins a life together. We had to transform the spirit of this house and allow it to go with them in their new life together, bringing them energy and positivity. The client always reminds me that in the first visit to the floor, I said "I have to reach that the light arrives at the other end of the flat."

The interior design proposes an open space to let the light come through two windows of the facade faced to the Sagrada Familia. He had to remove the bearing wall, which divided the apartment transversely to let the daylight to arrive beyond the wall and spreading the light to all rooms. We also eliminated the central corridor, which also allows us to have better natural ventilation.

New space distribution that gives more importance to the common areas. A wall lined with white lacquered wood stays with us following the path of light from the facade to the interior of the apartment. We use the lines of the white lined to hide doors.

A large sliding door like a sliding wall allows a large link between master bedroom and sitting room. The furniture design of the bedroom is characterised with simplicity. The oak wood is the star of a small table, a shelf and a support for a futon. The flooring unifies the spaces through pottery large format tiles.

At the end of the apartment, we have the apple green kitchen. An accident in the half-way, the red bathroom, where you play with mirrors, glass and fluorescent lights.

Little floor space, lots of air flowing, red white and some surprises. Breaking the barriers of existing partitions, we have a sense of freedom that occupies the house. We hope this space accompany this new couple.