Bellaterra (2012)

Provide vitality, enthusiasm and color with little furniture pieces. This was the idea that we proposed to the Mathematic Research Center Leadership for a main longitudinal hall and two other small hals in upper floors.

Work in an existing space of generous dimension to reinterpret it. The principal access hall of CRM was a bleak space although their huge luminosity.

To work with the character of the space, we wanted the space to invite using it and converting it in the central point. A space for the experimentation and the informal interaction.

Only by placing new furniture, the project wants to conect three floors and organize the space without interrupting its combined vision.

The organic green sofas invite you to rest, maybe to nap. The armchairs promote the informal meetings. The blackboards, which combine the black and the different green ranges are strategically situated to allow to lucubrate and discuss. And the support bar permits to make a snack between sessions.