CSIC HALL. Barcelona (2020)

The project, carried out as a team, consists of updating a lobby of a public building dedicated to research. The entire building has been rehabilitated, updating the floors and facilities, now it was the main entrance.

Following the same criteria as the façade, the access is framed with an aluminum band, which replaces the stone cladding.

The staircase is designed as a bent black steel surface, where ceramic steps are deposited, a constructive simplicity is sought with the intention of integrating with the existing ramp. The more organically shaped railing contrasts with the straight lines of the staircase.

The building's indicator sign is located on the glass railing, the large black letters stand out, floating from the set.

The large non-slip gray flooring is related to the false ceiling, which incorporates lighting.

The project is completed with a tree, the pomegranate, symbol of science.