ESFÈRIC BUILDING. Barcelona (2008)

This is a single circular building which is located inside the Gardens of Joan Brossa and was part of the old amusement park of Montjuïc. It was built in 1966 by architects: Lluis Riudor Carol and Antoni M. Riera Clavillé, it was the only building that remained when the new garden was designed.

The objective was to transform it in a polyvalent events room. Having a so peculiar building, the project keep their own original architectural characteristics, refresh the inside, complete the program and their installations.

The singular structure, strong and brutal, is compound of twelve reinforced concrete "Y" form pillar, each one of high of two floors. Topped with a reinforced concrete circular main beam that supports the deck structure. This deck, of 18m of span, has a scheme structure as a bicycle wheel. Metallic joists which are radial supported by the concrete main beam and by the internal circular metallic main beam. Twelve conical ceramic tile vaults done at the Catalan way, are places in between joist.

The access is to the lower floor, through a metallic box, full of light in the night. In the interior space highlights a black curved ladder. Also a circular white metallic section pillars with V form that supports the central core. The kitchen, the service and the lift are located in the expanded and basement part of the building.

The upper floor is diaphanous and seeks to provide views of Barcelona city night and day, allowing lightness, comfort and tranquillity. Therefore the enclosures had to have big dimensions. These are done with metallic windows with solar filter glass, to take profit of the privileged green environment. A versatile space. But is intended to allow all applications that could be developed in this area over 24 hours a day.

It is confirmed after years of operation of this equipment its versatility of use, weddings, introduction of new products (vehicles, computers, clothes, ...) and all types of businesses (hotel chains, pharmaceutical, ...) and so on.