IGOR HOUSE. Olivella (2007)

A zig-zag roof that aims to imitate the landscape in the Garraf Natural Park characterized by granite stones, large slopes and resistant vegetation. Under this set of ceramic tile roofs lies the program of a four-person dwelling. The holes in the facades are made to capture the views and seek access to the sun from the rooms.

Being in a natural park, learning to live in it. Develop a program on a plot with large differences, and with the request that the everyday spaces be at the same level, have been the premises of the project. The customers told us that they are happy, focusing their day to day on the main level, but little by little they are conquering the rest of the plot.

Environmental criteria have been taken into account in the construction of the house, such as using wood for exterior carpentry, rock wool insulation and lime stucco and ecological wastewater treatment systems.