IGOR HOUSE. Olivella (2007)

A roof, which is moving in a zigzag pattern, trying to follow the landscape line in the Garraf Natural Park characterized by clay stones and big slopes. Under this ceramic tile roofs is sheltered a housing program for four people. Develop a program, solving the important differents levels of the terrain. The windows in the walls are produced to capture the views and find the insolation rooms.

Be placed in a natural park, learning to live under its protection. Develop a program in a very hilly terrain. The request was that everyday spaces should be on the same level. Customers tell us later on that they are happy. Their daily focus on the main level, but they gradually conquer the rest of the house.

In the construction of the house were taken into account environmental criteria, such as wood used for exterior carpentry, rock wool insulation, lime plasters and ecological systems of water purification.