The existent apartment contained many small spaces connected with corridors. The dwelling's pipes or installations and equipments were obsolete. The kitchen was a dark and closed space. The bedrooms were a puzzle. There were no spaces to let the apartment to breath or spaces to live in properly.

In front of this challenge, the main idea was to create a main space. This space will connect all other pieces of the apartment. Always trying to organize the spaces in a functional sense.

One of the demands of the owner points was to conserve some places to keep little elements. They were little things being accumulated during the life of the owner.

An open kitchen, connected with dining room, living room and the balcony. The created a new dimension of the house and allow the natural light to arrive to all spaces. The chosen of intense white helped to create healthy sensations. The laminated ecologic wood parquet with grey tone, emphasize the desire to create a continuous space in the apartment.

The kitchen has a bar that allows meals in an open, light and comfortable space. The distribution is functional with a greenie intense blue gives a back up for the room perspective.

Parallel of this space is the main bedroom, with a dressing room, desktop and bathroom.