CAL JARDINER. Parets del Vallès (2005)

The project consists in the reform and conditioning of the Cal Jardiner cottage for the council of Parets del Vallès with a program of Occupational and Youth Training Center.

The cottage is located in the Cal Jardiner Park in Parets del Vallès with wide view of the town and also towards the farmland that surrounds it.

The council requested to preserve the maximum the existing building. This request was answered with the first project idea that proposes to preserve the main building, demolishing all adjoining parts. We express this way of acting with a commitment to the historical memory of the place and the landscape and the environment. We preserve the main building as an identifier element of the site although it has no architectural value, the outside intervention is minim. We only conserve some moldings in the facade and the volume is painted in red.

Inside the project seeks to expand and give character to a very small building. The high-narrow lobby is responsible for it, like a blue giant pressed into a small red box.
A tight budget and especially a very short execution time have been challenges of the project. We always try to respond the requests of the client, this time a public client.