LLEIDA FACADE. Barcelona (2011)

This project consists in the restoration of the facade of a house in between two buildings built in 1927. It had ground floor, five floors floor and an attic. At the beginning the building was a little hotel, built on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929.

The facade of 32 m long and 26 m height is in a corner and it’s formed by three planes. It has a decorative element on the top with the construction date in high relief, where it was a clock.

The intervention criterion was to return the facade to its original state, removing previous repairs and other non appropriate interventions. It has recovered the primitive chickpea colour of the walls, the grey colour that imitates the Montjuïc stone, and the traditional green blinds. It has been used traditional lime mortar plaster, silicate paints and glaze to achieve equal vertical parameters and decorative elements. They have been consolidated the balcony with carbon fibre and resins reinforcement.

We followed the construction to grant process and results.