MAIGMÓ HOUSE. Alicante (2008)

A terrain with slope near the Maigmo Mountain in Alacant, oriented to the sea. A small program and a minim budget for a new family with growing perspective. When we know them they were two and now they are four.

The house is done in cubic volumes. Over the garage platform, stands a glassed element, a winter solarium, which is at the same time the heast of the building. A glass box who structures and give strength to the plastic character of the front facade.

The house program is developed in the upper floor, accessed directly from a porch that is in between inside and outside. The distribution seeks for direct relationship between spaces with related using as the kitchen, living room and the greenhouse-access. Also it seeks for the optimization of the private areas to achieve more space in the common zones. The house takes profit of its capability to capture the sun in all its rooms. All the windows are opened to have views to the valley.

The success of this project depended on the control of the program and budget. If we had not been very restrained, and we had not adjusted to these two conditions the project probably would not have ever been built. They now live there and enjoy the sun by the Maigmó Mountain.