INTERIOR ET. Barcelona (2020)

We had already designed this flat in 2003 and now we were preparing to redesign it without losing its main characteristics: open, versatile, continuous and fluid space. We abandoned the idea of closing the kitchen with glass and sought to fully integrate it into the living room.

This design is based on a block of cabinets that divides and serves both the bedrooms and the bathroom as well as the living room and kitchen, opening to both sides.

The flooring was completely changed, placing a natural oak parquet with ecological varnish, also applied in the kitchen. The kitchen is organized in two bands of large drawers, it has a coffee with milk color that covers all the elements: doors, countertops and handles.

Healthy and hygienic materials that provide well-being were sought; the kitchen doors have a nano-technological coating, which is self-repairing and guarantees hygiene.

The matte white of the washable walls is broken by a touch of velvety turkey blue and an intense pink that picks up the bed in the children's room.

The custom furniture design stands out, sometimes light and suspended and for the most part integrated into the wall and camouflaged.

The plants have just given the changeable environment to the space, with their greenery and their biological time.