INTERIOR DESIGN MUT. Barcelona (2012)

Microsurgery to update a home.

We were asked to update an apartment built in 1970. After an accurate analysis of the space and its possibilities, the proposal was to do little interventions thatachieve to answer the client's needs.

It was a nice apartment but full of mirrors that create an uncomfortable sensation. We eliminated most of them and unify the spaces painting all the spaces in the same colour.

They also needed to reorganize the bathroom area. The two bathrooms were redistributed with precision to made a space in the main bed room, and allow to access easily to the children bathroom, characterized by a pink ceiling.

The kitchen is organized with a central island where they have an induction plate and the work area. Functional cupboards and drawers define the space and integrate the gallery, turning it into a pantry.

The lighting design was done with the introduction of a big dimensions light in the living room and playing with different illumination: surface lamps, non-direct lights, fluorescent lights ... all over the flat.