QUIRÓS JEWELRY. Oviedo (2005)

A space to host Cristina Quirós's workshop and the jewelry shop. It had to get away from stereotypes of interior design for jewelry. We had to bring into space the spirit of her jewels. So we design a joyful, naive, organic and dynamic jewelry shop.

We started the design with a total freedom for making decisions on the project. We understood the space with an organic concept, almost spherical. We opted for customized solutions such as the Mexican pink curved ceiling, painted white furniture and fluorescent lighting. Transgressive solutions to a classical world such as jewelry.

The furnishings are designed as small boxes of glass and white reclaimed wood. Supported on slender satin stainless steel legs, also curved at the ends.

This little Shop invites you to come in and browse. All thanks to a very transparent window and contrast white and pink inside. Calls to soak up the life that breathes among the jewels of Cristina Quirós and leave behind the gray and the rain of a city like Oviedo.

Cristina enjoys showing her jewelry. We are glad to know that we have succeeded in designing a space that supports her creativity.