SANDOVAL'S ATTIC. Barcelona (2013)

The goal for this interior design was to give amplitude and comfort to a very little apartment. A studio penthouse which was built between attached houses in the City center of Barcelona.

We started by improve the thermal isolation to the apartment; even some centimeters were going to be lost. There were two chimneys to be removed, in order to obtain some spare space. Also the apartment which had some spare steps was leveled. We only had to leave one step in the corridor.

The apartment has an important orange wall that follows the corridor. In addition it hides the kitchen and the bathroom. The singularity of the wall is emphasized by a colored metallic net, which allows hanging up little paintings. It was a client’s requirement.

A functional kitchen is integrated to the dining room. It has light grey cupboards without handles, unifying the walls. In the other side of the apartment is the main room. It has a big dressing room hidden behind the walls.

All the dwelling is illuminated by controlled led lights, on universal rails. With this, the house is a little exhibition hall for paintings.