TDF SHOP. Molins de Rei (2020)

The commission came from the hand of a collaborator of the study, we have known each other for years, he was an intern at the office when he was studying technical architecture.

He was looking for a radical transformation of the space in one of the main streets of Molins de Rey. The store had been occupied by a florist for years and was now reverting to commercial space as a kitchen and furniture store.

He considered the situation of the different exhibition elements around the hole that connects the two floors. All the strength of the project went into connecting both floors, transparent glass railings were placed and the white color conquered the rest.

On the ground floor and attached to a wall, the kitchen was located to exhibit and then the office for personalized attention.

Different environments were proposed to simulate a house, the props and decoration elements helped the narration.

Only paint was used on the façade, in order to hide the red color and enhance the black of the sign. The works were carried out according to the schedule and the client was able to open for 'La Candelaria'.

And we continue collaborating ...