LOFT T. Barcelona (2019)

The first impression of the space was strong, it was about seeing the possibilities that an office space, full of partitions and disused furniture, had to become a home.

The program was imprecise and was developed little by little, it seemed that only a place to sleep was needed. The client wanted to preserve the aesthetics of the office space. I liked the idea, since the metal beams and pillars marked the space a lot. We also thought that he could not give up having the maximum surface area of land seen, since that way we would preserve the idea of the loft.

In the first proposal, a greenhouse appeared inside the house, so that the small windows became a large entrance of light, this idea captivated the client. This proposal was linked to a strong chromatic idea. They wanted to work with dark colors: black with blue, black with green, black with brown, and deep black. The client was able to summarize this fabled dark color idea: "If in doubt: Batman." Thus, little by little the interior design was defined, very personal and linked to the user.

The protagonist was space, which is the true luxury of this century. Spaces where functions are mixed, overlapped and broken up. Generous spaces where everything fits.

In the project, the empty space predominates, through a dark green hall with a natural coconut floor, the large space appears, where the room is the main element.

The kitchen is located on one side, it is designed as a large black piece of furniture, with a generous continuous work surface, hygienic, but rough. Next to the kitchen there is camouflaged a service room.

Passing through a narrow and dark green corridor, with some recovered lights with different colors, you reach the main bedroom. This is large and with good views of the street, it connects with the changing room and the separate bathroom, where a large shower stands out. The entire bathroom is lined with a dark marble.

There is a game of colors in the courtesy bathroom, it is played with green and orange and a fun wallpaper is placed on the mirror wall.

The irregular oak wood flooring gives continuity to the entire house. It should also be noted that many facilities are visible and have a home automation control that makes the home perfectly adapt to the user's rhythms.