Parets del Vallès (2003)

The clients had very specific requests to expand the house program, with two design conditions: the stairs should not to seem stairs and there it has to be a little pond. The project starts from the design of these two elements to develop the new program.

Customers knew exactly how they wanted to live, due to many years living together. But they did not know how it had to be that space. They had two older children who still live at home.

The request of the little pond was hiding a desire to have a personal garden which contains a stone collection and also be a resting site. The house occupies the minimum surface of the parcel. There is a porch created that is the transition between the garden and the house. The little pond was designed so that flashes of light are projected into the house through the old entrance to the house.

The stairs are divided in two parts: a solid part between walls and a part more visible and light, built by folding an iroko wood. The intention was that the steps involve different areas of the house. Starting is formalized as a shelf, landing turns into a small desk on the first floor study and its development allows the lighting in the bathroom.

The rest of the program is simple, but fits with each of the four members of the family. Ángela is happy with their little pond, Antonio with the kitchen-living room area, and the guys with their own private space and the views through the countryside form the workspace. I like to know that my clients are happy with their house.