TRABAL'S FLAT. Barcelona (2018)

The project was developed on an inconspicuous flat, in spite of its generous terraces, located in the Besòs neighborhood in Barcelona.

As the budget was really tight, all design efforts were directed to the opening of the kitchen through the living room and getting rid of a room.

All decisions were made according to the economic capacities of our client. As the bathroom was short on dimensions we decided to block a door, redistribute all the elements inside it and finally paint it using Tiffany's green paint.On interior design department, all furniture was relocated such as shelves, books and all owner's personal items. All inner spaces were illuminated using tubular led lights, combined with white paint and some intense red details.

Some plants are expected to grow in the terraces with time.

"Who is not afraid of confronting a complete refurbishment at home? Changing the floor, the ceiling, electric facilities, inner walls, kitchen and bathroom... It surely can become a nightmare. In our case it sorted out as a dream come true thanks to the success of trusting on the professionalism and humanity of Arquitectura Matutano. Joaquín Matutano and his team of professionals listen to you, analyze the situation and proposes taking into account the budget and your necessities.

They have managed to miraculously create, in time and starting from a dark and poorly distributed space; a clear, lighted, practical and functional space.

Arquitectura Matutano doesn't refurbish flats, they build homes. Thanks on behalf of my daughter and myself."

Laura Trabal, flat owner.